Conversational Implant


Spain (Barcelona)


Conceptualization: Becoming
Object design and construction: Valeria Ustarez
Software and hardware development: Raul Nieves

Conversational Implant is an interactive installation designed by Becoming that investigates possible relationships between humans, plants and artificial intelligences through the use of written and sound language.
The system consist of a conversational interface and local and remote hardware to alow people to chat with the plant. A deep engaging dialog flow lets the person to dive in an insightfull narrative where objects, vegetables and (human and non-human) animals are considered equal. The written conversations are transformed into speech using TTS methods so the plant can hear (quasi-human) voices, and thus grow stronger. This scientifically proofed / myth is brought to our attention. What are the energies, the effects and the outcomes of using the technolgies that sorround us? Who's benefiting from it?